Aeronautical Navigation Systems



ESNAH is a young dynamic Belgian company active in air navigation safety for general aviation. Our vision is the creation of a new generation of navigation tools for student pilots, private and commercial pilots, schools, aero-clubs, aircraft owners and operators.


It was during his private pilot training (PPL) that Nicolas Hanse realised that the necessary information for flight preparation are abundant but are not easy to obtain reliably and organise. This is how the idea of a complete system designed to assist pilots with the preparation of their navigation and flight was initiated. This future software was born and called SkyLiberty, the freedom to discover the sky in security.

Flight Plan

In the first step of the project, Nicolas professionalised his approach with the help of Challenge, Innovatech and ASE. After a market and competition study, the business plan and bill of specifications, the project was given a high potential for success. From this point forward, the project was defined. In the mean time, Nicolas started an air transporter pilot training (ATPL).

Start Engine

After more than two years of conceptualisation, Aurélie Simon joined the project. Together with Nicolas Hanse they created ESNAH. The begin of the great adventure had started.
In July 2012, the company obtained the European Spatial Agency support. ESNAH is the first walloon company incubated by ESA Bic Redu (ESA Business incubation center - Since then, ESNAH has also gain support of WSL and Réseau Entreprendre Wallonie.
After gathering the necessary financing, thanks to several partners, all signals were on green to go on with project development.
Ou : Thanks to our partners, necessary finances allowed to carry on with project development.


In September 2013, SkyLiberty began to take shape thanks to the arrival of 2 developers (Android and iOS) in the ESNAH Crew.

Take Off

January 2015, a historical month in the existence of the young ESNAH. Take off is imminent! It is now official, the first version of SkyLiberty is available!

In flight

The start of SkyLiberty sales is in fact the beginning. Indeed, ESNAH Crew is constantly looking for new functionalities with the hope that it will meet your expectations.



The strength of the SkyLiberty is neither only the technology used nor the sophistication of the concept but the team who developed the solution. In ESNAH we work as a crew and each one assume his responsibilities. The aeronautical know-how, the worried of details and the ambitious are a requirement for everyone works in ESNAH. Nothing is du to chance !

« If you want to think different, you have to be different ! »


Nicolas Hanse


Founder & CEO

Competences : Electronic in modern avionic, sailing licences, passionated pilot

Christophe van der Straten


iOS Developer & Graphic Designer

Competences : Advertising and mobile development

Florian Dupierreux


Android Developer

Competences : Master in information systems architecture

Aurélie Simon


Founder & COO

Competences : Master in biology and master in sciences and environmental management.

Elise Bornuat


Geospatial Data Analyst

Competences : Mapping and management of geo-referenced databases


ESNAH is animated by values towards his clients, his crew and also the environment.

To all the pilots of general aviation:

Provide reliable tools and data compiled in only one application with an intuitive, ergonomic and secure interface aiming to increase air security

To co-workers:

The corporate culture of ESNAH is based on team spirit, respect, responsibility, surpassing oneself and continuous training.

To the environment:

ESNAH has a sustainable development approach, as well within it’s activities (solar cells, recycling, limitation of natural resources,..) as within SkyLiberty itself, a paperless application. Moreover, ESNAH support the Jane Goodall Institute Belgium association, named after the English primatologist, which promotes respect for all living being (animals, persons and environment) around the world.

To fly free, safely, whilst enjoying beautiful landscapes, that is every pilot’s dream.
Unfortunately, last decades, the state of environment is considerably degrading at a worldwide scale : deforestation, pollution, global warming,..
Wishing to participate actively in environmental protection, ESNAH is associated with Jane Goodall Institute Belgium to act in favour of sustainable development and biodiversity.
One of the Jane Goodall Institute’s activity is trees plantation over the world.
For each SkyLiberty’s module bought, 0,50 € will be deposited to this association via JGI Belgium.
For information, a tree plantation cost 7 €. Your contribution is visible in the store of your SkyLiberty.

If you want to bring an additional contribution to environment protection, don’t hesitate to make a donation.

Jane Goodall Institute Belgium



More info on

SkyLiberty is the first commercial product of ESNAH.

It is a new concept of electronic flight bag. The purpose of SkyLiberty is to provide you with all the tools and data you need to prepare, realise and manage your flights and licences.  Its works on Android and iOS tablets.  A light version of the SkyLiberty is already available on smartphone.

SkyLiberty can be used by pilots and operators all around the world, and for all levels of qualification and rating.
Informations we provide you are compliant with safety principle, with the correct units, and only from reliable references.
SkyLiberty is in perpetual development and we take into account your remarks to develop new modules and improve the application.

The power of modularity, buy only with modules you need !
SkyLiberty will match perfectly with your needs because it is based on a modularity concept.
Update after update, module after module, you can build the application which contains all the data and tools necessary for your pilot’s use.

Each module is independent but can work in synergy with one another. Moreover, we have not only developed simple functionalities but also incorporated them in a user-friendly application.  1 SkyLiberty module + 1 other SkyLiberty module = 2 modules + a lot of new possibilities

With SkyLiberty, never lose your data !
ESNAH stores your data in a private space with secure backup and protects them from other commercial uses.  If you lose your device, you can freely reinstall SkyLiberty on a new device with all your data restored.  All your modules and their data are synchronized. Moreover, if you buy a module on Android, you'll find it on your iOS device.


More than just an application, ESNAH also develops the SkyLink, an electronic device able to track aircrafts and to send them updated flight information. This development is possible thanks to the support of Integrated applications Programme of the European Space Agency (ESA).

For more information, visit ESA's project webpage